Frequently Asked Questions

Kalvara is rapid-onset, with a high that sets in after just 15 minutes.

The cap on each Kalvara bottle is called the Vessl closure. Vessl™ is a patented dispensing device, which provides instant mixing of two ingredients immediately prior to use.

Check out our store locator to find a dispensary carrying Kalvara near you.

Citrus Twist – a euphoric high, essential to any social event or lowkey hangout.
Tropical Inspire – a creative and transcendent high, perfect inspiration for any artistic endeavor.
Berry Chill – a relaxing high for when your mind, body, and soul need a rest.

Our caps contain two servings of Kalvara each. Every bottle has a serving line conveniently placed on the side of the bottle for easy dosing.

We believe Kalvara is best served one serving at a time over ice.

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