Kalvara Wins 2019 Connoisseur Cup

Kalvara is announced as the winner for best beverage infusion technology at the 2019 Connoisseur Cup. This is the first year Kalvara has entered the prestigious competition.

Served with a Twist

Recreational cannabis use is legal in 10 states, but sipping an alcoholic drink is still more acceptable in most social settings than lighting a joint. It’s a social phenomenon that cannabis-infused beverage makers are eager to capitalize on, including Kalvara.

The Edible Dilemma: Solved

Most experienced marijuana users will tell you that their first edible experience wasn’t exactly what they expected. While each story may vary, the general theme usually rings true. The quintessential “my first edible story” starts with a brownie made by a friend or some form of candy purchased from the local dispensary. things were likely going pretty well for about an hour or so after the first delicious dose.

Cannabis Goes High Tech

Tech-Savvy Cannabis magazine cover

Companies increasingly employ science and technology to change the way patients and connoisseurs consume.