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“This was so easy to use. I was really skeptical because I’m not a frequent user. The fact that I knew exactly how much I was taking was reassuring. Tasted great, and I really enjoyed the effects. Thanks for helping me make a confident and educated decision.”

Meg – 28

“This is super incredible and unique. Not only is this the coolest thing I have seen in the industry, but “Budtenders” are going to have some fun with this. I can only imagine the possibilities this will create. Sometimes you can drink your THC and this makes it awesome. GAME CHANGER!”

Todd – 35

“I really like the taste and the fact that there are no calories or sugar. Not to mention it really does the trick. I prefer Kalvara with my cocktails.”

Mark – 32
Business Professional

“Kalvara puts you right in the sweet spot. You feel happy and giddy, but you’re still able to remember where you put your keys. A full cap was perfect for the social outing I was at.”

Bob – 27
Professional Athlete

“First of all, the cap is really cool. Then 10-15 minutes after taking a full serving in the morning, I immediately started to feel my body relax. The tension in my shoulders released. Pain subsided dramatically after 20 minutes or so. And I felt great for a good part of my day. And the flavor was delicious.”

Victoria – 62
Retired stay at home mother
New Mexico


General Info

Will Kalvara be available in medical-use only states?

Yes, Kalvara will soon be available in states with medical-use only restrictions. We also are currently developing medical-size doses.

Where can I currently find Kalvara?

We will launch Kalvara in the progressive states of Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, and California. We will continue to EXPAND INTO NEW STATES AS SOON AS LEGAL AND REGULATORY GUIDELINES PERMIT. STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS.

How To

How can I carry Kalvara in my dispensary?

Let’s talk. If you’re interested in offering Kalvara to your customers, send us a message and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

How does the cap work?

The contents of the Vessl™ cap are pressurized to approximately 100 psi using nitrogen. When the cap is unscrewed, the pressure and the cap’s contents are expelled.

How do I use refills?

Fill your reusable Kalvara bottle with water to the recommended fill line, tighten on a fresh Vessl™ refill cap, and then simply twist it open and enjoy.


What does it taste like?

Kalvara has a refreshing snap of sweet citrus flavor balanced by a mild, aromatic hint of cannabis flower.

How much does it cost?

We recommend fair and consistent pricing to all retailers but prices may vary.

Is Kalvara vegan?

Yes, absolutely. There are no animal-based products in Kalvara.

Are all the Kalvara ingredients natural?

We remain focused on sourcing and using only all-natural and organic ingredients. And we are glad to say we do not use any chemical emulsifiers or preservatives.

Is the 10MG dose of THC in Kalvara too much?

Ten milligrams is a standard dose, but everyone is unique and several factors contribute to the effects one will feel. Kalvara is optimized for rapid onset and high bio-availability, which makes finding your comfort zone faster, easier, and more consistent than with other cannabis drinks and edibles.

Why choose Kalvara?

Using only premium and locally-sourced cannabis ensures exceptional flavor and clean, satisfying effects. Developed through rigorous testing, Kalvara is also first to deliver what other cannabis drinks can’t: truly precise and consistently effective dosing.

What is Kalvara?

Kalvara is an all-natural, zero calorie, zero sugar, THC-infused beverage formulated to deliver a fast, clear and invigorating effect of cannabis, in a great-tasting drink.


How long will it take the THC to leave my system?

Wide-ranging patterns of usage as well as a unique biology for each person make it difficult to calculate exactly, but conventional wisdom says 30 days.

What is Rapid Onset?

Rapid Onset occurs when you feel the full effects of the active ingredients in a shorter amount of time.

What is High Bio-Availability?

High Bio-Availability is when a higher quantity of the ingested dose of THC can be absorbed into your system unchanged, so it reaches your system faster and cleaner.

How long will the effects last?

Many factors contribute to the duration of effects but the high-bioavailability of Kalvara ensures a consistent yet manageable experience similar in duration to other consumables.

How long before it hits me?

Many factors contribute to a person’s reaction time. Most will experience effects after 10-15 minutes. Effects can very.

Where do you source your cannabis?

To deliver the highest quality product, we contract with distributors and local grow resources on a market-by-market basis in each regulated state and market.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is the psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for those euphoric feelings.