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“This was so easy to use. I was really skeptical because I’m not a frequent user. The fact that I knew exactly how much I was taking was reassuring. Tasted great, and I really enjoyed the effects. Thanks for helping me make a confident and educated decision.”

Meg – 28

“This is super incredible and unique. Not only is this the coolest thing I have seen in the industry, but “Budtenders” are going to have some fun with this. I can only imagine the possibilities this will create. Sometimes you can drink your THC and this makes it awesome. GAME CHANGER!”

Todd – 35

“I really like the taste and the fact that there are no calories or sugar. Not to mention it really does the trick. I prefer Kalvara with my cocktails.”

Mark – 32
Business Professional

“Kalvara puts you right in the sweet spot. You feel happy and giddy, but you’re still able to remember where you put your keys. A full cap was perfect for the social outing I was at.”

Bob – 27
Professional Athlete

“First of all, the cap is really cool. Then 10-15 minutes after taking a full serving in the morning, I immediately started to feel my body relax. The tension in my shoulders released. Pain subsided dramatically after 20 minutes or so. And I felt great for a good part of my day. And the flavor was delicious.”

Victoria – 62
Retired stay at home mother
New Mexico