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A New Way to Consume Cannabis

July 29, 2020 by
A new way to consume cannabis

If you’ve ever heard of cannabis drinks, then you already know that they offer an impressive new level of convenience, versatility, and enjoyment. In fact, drinking cannabis has become one of the hottest new ways to consume marijuana for both seasoned and new consumers alike.

A drinkable form of cannabis is created by infusing various liquids with cannabis extracts, giving consumers their choice of everything from cannabis cocktails to cannabis smoothies. Widely popular and lauded by a number of consumers, infused beverages are the cannabis community’s newest favorite way to enjoy marijuana.

The Benefits of Cannabis Drinks

Are you wondering if cannabis drinks might be right for you? Here are just some of the benefits you can look forward to with Kalvara.

It offers a precise dose of cannabis.

Certain methods of cannabis consumption can present a challenge when it comes to determining dosage, but high-quality cannabis beverages eliminate that issue. You’ll know exactly how much cannabis (and the cannabinoid concentration) you’re consuming in your beverage, making it easy to achieve your desired effects.

It’s a welcome alternative to smoking.

While a growing number of people are hailing cannabis as an all-natural option for improving a wide range of health conditions and symptoms, there are many that aren’t wild about the idea of introducing smoking into their lives. For individuals that either dislike smoking or need to avoid it for health reasons, consuming cannabis in liquid form is an excellent option.

It’s convenient, discreet, and simple.

As popular as smoking and vaping cannabis may be, they aren’t the best option if discretion and convenience are your top priorities. But with a cannabis beverage, you can have your cannabis anytime, anywhere without drawing unwanted attention. Plus, there’s no guesswork when it comes to cannabis drinks – all you have to do is sip and enjoy!

How Kalvara Created One of the Best New Ways to Consume Cannabis

While it’s true that Kalvara didn’t necessarily invent the concept of cannabis drinks, we can proudly say that we completely transformed the traditional marijuana beverage product. We knew that many people are consistently on the hunt for new ways to consume marijuana, and that drinking cannabis offers enjoyment and convenience you can’t get elsewhere.

So, we asked ourselves: how could we improve upon the cannabis drink, and turn it into something that consumers would absolutely need add to their cannabis-enhanced lifestyle? Ultimately, the vision was a beverage that was as convenient as it was consistently excellent; and from that, the concept for Kalvara’s signature infusion technology was born.

Here are just a few of the famous features that set Kalvara apart in an industry that’s rapidly expanding:

  • Our patented Vessl™ closure and delivery system that instantly releases an exact amount of cannabis when you’re ready to drink.
  • All-natural ingredients, and no preservatives or chemical emulsifiers, making Kalvara one of the cleanest cannabis beverages on the market.
  • The ability to use Kalvara to infuse your favorite cocktails, beverages, and snacks with premium THC.
  • A sugar-free, no-calorie formulation that fits into a healthy lifestyle with ease.
  • Highly precise dosing of THC for a consistently exceptional experience, every time.
  • High bioavailability and rapid onset to elevate your cannabis enjoyment.

Experience the Cannabis Drink of the Future with Kalvara

Shake up your usual lineup for cannabis products with an exciting new take on the cannabis beverage: Kalvara. With innovative infusion technology, all-natural ingredients, and a formulation that prioritizes bioavailability and rapid onset of effects, Kalvara is the drinkable cannabis you’ve been waiting for.

Discover what makes Kalvara the best new way to consume cannabis by finding a retailer near you today.